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Principal's Desk

"Learning gives creativity
Creativity leads to thinking
Thinking provide knowledge
Knowledge makes you great’’


These words by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam have been an inspiration to us. All our actions, thoughts and practices have been influenced by our inner desire to succeed. Children are our most valuable resource and we nurture them with utmost love, care and compassion. We at Ganga International School, Sawda aim to provide holistic, competency-oriented education to students. Joyful learning necessarily imbibes the element of deriving pleasure with a sense of achievement and accomplishment during the process of learning. A joyous and jubilant learning environment and a gratified, as well as cheerful school ecosystem, can do wonders for the holistic development of children.

We firmly believe that “ Good education is the greatest blessing to society. Our MISSION is to inspire our students to maximize their talent for the benefit of society. Our VISION is to provide an environment for learning, social and emotional growth in which students can develop leadership skills with an awareness of their social responsibility to the society. We owe our success to the able leadership and futuristic vision of our patrons who have been a constant source of encouragement and guidance to us. We are thankful to our parents for their constant support in all our endeavors. The unflagging resolve and dogged persistence of our faculty and students has led us to the path of glory. Teachers at GIS Sawda, model the students for risk-taking, drive, and humility that ultimately distinguish our students.

Prerana Chauhan

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