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Rules & Regulations

Admission and Withdrawl

Admission takes place on a date fixed in the first week of April. Subsequent vacancies are filled in July as well. All admissions are allowed by aptitude/psychological test and interview only. Admission will be given strictly on the basis of merit.


There will be Admission Test (IX to XII) of 2 hours consisting Hindi, English, Maths, Science and Social Studies. The syllabus will be as per C.B.S.E and NCERT. Final selection will be made on the basis of interview. At least one month’s notice in writing or fee will be required for the withdrawal. In the following ground school will rusticated the students.


  1. Indiscipline
  2. Irregularity in attendance/absence without permission
  3. Unsatisfactory progress in studies
  4. Damage of School Property
  5. Use of unfair means in the examination/Unit tests
  6. Non-Payment of school dues
  7. Misbehave with Students or Staff
  8. If found Mobile Phone, I Pod, Song Recorder, Camera etc. in the school campus
  9. In case of medically unfitness
  10. Disobeying of teacher and staff
  11. Use of Crackers in the school campus
  12. Ragging in the School Campus


General Rules for Students

  1. Students are required to bring their diaries to the School daily.
  2. Students are required to go to the Assembly ground as soon as bell for Assembly rings.
  3. Students should always be neatly dressed, otherwise they would be sent back home.
  4. Students are advised to make use of the dustbins provided for throwing bits of paper etc. They are expected to keep the campus neat and clean.
  5. Students must take care of School property. Anyone who damages School Property will be punished.
  6. Students are advised not to bring costly articles to the school. The school shall not be responsible for such losses.
  7. Students are advised to deposit the articles found in the School with their class-teacher.
  8. In case of damage of School Property, joint fine will be impose on all students on the group and class.
  9. It is compulsory for all the students to bring Text Books, Copies, Pen, Pencil etc in School failing which, they will not be allowed to attend the class.
  10. For entering in the Chemistry, Bio, Physics or any lab. Apron is compulsory. For Physical Education white tracksuits is compulsory on the dates of practical classes.
  11. No students is allowed to bring Bike and Scooty in the school campus.


General Rules for Parents

  1. Please deposit school fee and Transport fee on time as per the instruction given by the School, failing which late fine will be charged.
  2. No School document will be issued on the same day or same time. At least 3 working days are required to provide any School documents like Transfer Certificate , Birth Certificate, Fee Receipt Certificate, Bonafide Certificate and Duplicate Marks Sheets etc. For Duplicate Certificate fee will be charged.
  3. At the time of admission, photo(s) of Student, Mother/Father, Guardian, Marks Sheet of previous examination, Character Certificate, T.C. duly countersigned by C.B.S.E./District Inspector of School, Caste Certificate , Birth Certificate should be submitted by parents, failing which admission will be cancelled. The School authority will not be responsible for the countersigned by the C.B.S.E./Govt. However parents themselves will go to C.B.S.E/Govt. office for the Countersign.
  4. All the examination/test/practical examination will be held as per examination date sheet. No re-examination will be held. No request will be entertained in this regard.
  5. The medium of teaching and study will be English. The School is affiliated to C.B.S.E. , New Delhi. Therefore, the syllabus and scheme of study will be as per C.B.S.E., guidelines.
  6. In case of misbehaving with teachers, non-teaching staff or School Authorities, School may take action against the student. Fine, Suspension, expulsion, rustication or T.C for the student may be given.
  7. In June and February two-month fee will be taken together i.e. June & July and February and March respectively.
  8. Please take prior appointment on School and Transport facility, one-month prior notice is required, failing which charges of the month will be taken.
  9. It would be mandatory for the parents to attend Parents Teacher Meet(PTM) and other meeting with the teachers time to time, failing which School will not be responsible for the progress of the student.
  10. During filling up the registration form, examination form and other documents parents are advised to check all the entries carefully before signing the documents i.e. Name, date of birth, father’s and mother’s name, subjects, caste etc., failing which school will not be responsible for any mistake/correction etc. later on.
  11. Other rules, change of School timing and other information will be served to the parents time to time by the school.
  12. 12. For obtaining any duplicate certificate, i.e. character certificate, School leaving certificate, School leaving certificate, Bonafide Student Certificate etc. a fee of 200/- is compulsory along with school fee & dues as per case.

The character Certificate of student will be issued within the period of Six Month time from the date of leaving the school only.


Aim of the School

The main objective of the school is to impart education which helps the students to develop an integrated personality with sound mind and body. The school also aims at excellence in studies, games and co- curricular activities. The school curriculum provides the students to grow themselves according to their innate abilities and help themselves to be physically strong mentally alert, intellectual sharp, morally sound and spiritually devoted for a challenging life of selfless service.


Emphasis is also given to develop leadership training, democratic way of living, moral progress and feeling of national integration.


The school also aims at equipping the students with talent so that they may become servant of the community and accept responsibility in different spheres.



The school is affiliated to CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION, NEW DELHI 10+2 (Affiliation) No. 2730476 School No.65459 ). It is an English Medium Senior Secondary Co-educational School.


Subject and Syllabus

The school follows the subjects and syllabus approved by Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi. We also follow RTE and Delhi Education Act.1917.


Medium of Instruction

The medium of study will be English. It would be compulsory for all the students to speak in English only.


Class and Curriculum

The following are the subjects taught in classes.




    1. English (Core)
    2. Physics
    3. Chemistry
    4. Mathematics
    5. I.P/ Physical Education /Applied Art
    1. English (Core)
    2. Physics
    3. Chemistry
    4. Biology
    5. Applied Mathematics/ Physical Education /Applied Art



    1. English (Core)
    2. Accountancy
    3. Business Studies
    4. Economics
    5. I.P/ Entrepreneurship / Physical Education /Applied Art



    1. English (Core)
    2. Political Science
    3. History/Geography
    4. I.P/ Physical Education/ Applied Mathematics/ Computer Science
    5. Economics/ Applied Art



  • VI General Studies
  • VII Work Experience
  • VII Physical and Health Education




  1. Hindi Course-A
  2. English Language and Literature 
  3. Mathematics
  4. Science 
  5. Social Studies
  6. Work Experience 
  7. Computer Application
  8. Art Education
  9. Physical and Health Education




  1. Hindi
  2. English
  3. Mathematics
  4. Science & Technology
  5. Social Science
  6. Sanskrit
  7. Elective Subjects- Drawing, Music
  8. Work Experience – Computer, Physical and Health Education, Value Education, Life Skills etc.

School Terms and vacation

The academic year of the school is from 1st April to 31st March and is divided into two terms

  • I Term- April to September
  • II Term – October to March

The School has vacation in summer.


Home Work Diary

Home work diary is provided to all the students at the beginning of the academic session. Students should note down, day to day home work in this diary and teacher concerned should signs it daily. The parents are also informed through this home work diary about their wards who neglect home work.


Registration and Admission

The school begins in the first week of April every year. Registration for admission starts in the month of February/ March. Registration and admission forms are available with the school office on payments of Rs. 475/- . Registration of a student is no guarantee for the admission. Admission is given after qualifying admission test and personal interview. Generally admissions are given in V to IX and XI classes. Generally no admissions are given in the class X and XII as per CBSE rule.


If a student is declared fit for admission, parents will deposit admission form with required fee, previous school leaving certificate (countersigned by the concerned authority) and one passport size photograph, character certificate and migration certificate for the admission.


If a candidate fails to produce any document mentioned above, the principal may allow him for provisional admission but he has to produce the same within one week otherwise his admission will be treated as cancelled.


Fees once deposited are not refundable. In case a student fails to report back within 6 days after admission, his admission will be declared cancelled and fee deposited will be forfeited.


Students will be admitted on Merit after personal interview, subject to the availability of seats.


  • For Science Group - Minimum 60%
  • For Commerce Group - Minimum 55%


The Principal reserves all rights to accept or reject any application for the admission without assigning any reason.


Examinations & Promotion

The School has continuous and comprehensive Evaluation system (CCE). It is a process to provide holistic profile of the learner through regular assessment of both the Scholastic and Co- Scholastic aspects of development over the total span of learning time. There will be following types of Assessments in an academic year:-

  1. Formative Assessment F1, F2
  2. Formative Assessment F3, F4
  3. Summative Assessment SA1,SA2
  4. Weekly Test
  5. Day- to – Day Assessment of life skills, Attitudes and values.
  6. Health and Physical Education etc.
  7. There is a semester system in class IX & X only, as per C.B.S.E. rule.


At least 33% marks are required to pass each and every subject separately. For class XI and XII 33% marks are required separately in theory as well as practical to pass. Minimum 75% attendance is required to appear in the examination.


If any student caught cheating or doing unfair means in the examination/test, will be awarded zero in the subject and no promotion will be given.


Other Facilities



The school has well stocked and fully furnished library. It is open to all bonafide students of the school. A large number of periodicals and magazines are provided in the reading room. About 300-400 books are added to the library every year.




The school has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Computer Science and Mathematics.




Computer Education is an essential part of the education in the era of science, keeping this in mind. Computer Science has been introduced in the school curriculum and also as a subject in class XI and XII. We have introduced Information Technology as a subject in class IX and X. For this, school has a well equipped ultra modern Computer Lab. With interest facilities for the learners.




The School has 10 Buses on owner basis. The school provides good Transport facility to students on a minimum bus charges. The detail of bus route may be seen on School Website.





Particular attention is paid to the physical development of the student through P. T. Games, Sports, Judo, yoga and Gymnastics. The School has a very extensive play ground where facilities exist for the most of the major games like Foot Ball, Volley ball, Cricket, Badminton, Basket ball etc. Indoor facilities for Judo & Table Tennis are also available.




There is a good arrangement for games and sport also. Students who want to take part in games should come in school ground as per timings with the consultation of Physical Instructor.


  • Summer: Morning: 6:30am to 7:30am
  • Winter: Morning: 7am to 8am


Coach /Sports/Games teacher will be available on the ground. Our School has high name in the National level game. Each and every year we won Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal in CBSE. Cluster Game and National level Game also. We prepare our students for the National level game as well as for C.B.S.E cluster games.




Debate, Quiz, Declamation, Recitation programmes, Essay writing, Drawing and Painting competition are organized regularly.


Jayanties of many Great Personalities and Saints are celebrated every year and their contribution to humanity is emphasized.



Educational tours and treks are essential part of education. These are arranged during the last week of September, picnics are also arranged to visit nearby places worth seeing.


Though every precaution is taken for the safety of the students during the tours, yet the authorities will not be held responsible for any mishappening.




To inculcate moral values among students, moral education is given to them by celebrating different functions, festivals and by arranging spiritual discussions during the morning assembly.




For all round development and to develop a sense of competition, the school is divided into four houses. The students are kept by organizing co-curricular activities, games and competitions throughout the year.




There is proper arrangement of first aid and medical treatment in Campus Hospital. The medical check up of every student is done twice a year.

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