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Happiness Classes

It is rightly said "Whatever we do is for the sake of happiness." Happiness is the greatest human expression. It can be said that the ultimate aim of all human beings is to achieve happiness in their lives. Across the world, education administrators are realising the need for a happiness or well-being lesson for children. Self-aware, sensitive and emotionally mature children are far more successful owing to their advanced ability to engage in meaningful relationships.

Keeping this virtue in mind, We at GIS, Sawda has been conducting HAPPINESS CLASSES for our students from class I-VIII.The objectives of the happiness curriculum include developing self-awareness and mindfulness, inculcating skills of critical thinking and inquiry, enabling learners to communicate effectively and helping learners to apply life skills to deal with stressful and conflicting situations around them.
The motive of starting happiness class is to build emotional awareness, to support decision making with that emotional awareness, to equip pupils with the necessary skills and environment to become purpose-driven, and explore a nuanced idea of happiness. The introduction of the curriculum into the school called a reformative step towards achievement of success.

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