From the temple rooms of Mesopotamian culture to modern days, libraries have been filled with wisdom throughout history. The function of libraries have evolved overtime with state of art installation through the ages with state-of-art facilities. However, there are few constants in the news; educating readers to gain much more than just subjective knowledge, and revealing a whole new world of information. Learning is a dynamic process, and children should always be encouraged to read beyond their textbook libraries, something that has remained constant. Education is much more than just subjective knowledge.

‘Reading adds newer dimensions to the body of knowledge’. We at GIS Sawda, New Delhi, believe in inculcating a reading culture that enhances and compliments the education system. Books that capture the imagination of students, reconfirm their facts and open newer doors of intellect are carefully chosen and made available to the students. We have some avid readers here who have even become a part of the Book Club, that’s an offshoot of healthy reading. Books on varied subjects are available here. Reference Books and Magazines keep the students abreast with all that’s happening around. Students are encouraged to give their suggestion about the kind of books they would like in the library, and our librarians do their bit to carry their suggestions further.

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