Knowing the benefits of co-curricular activities on the students, every school has started including these activities with another academic curriculum. This helps the students in developing skills which are beyond the knowledge of subjects. On the other hand, co-curricular activities also enhance teaching techniques at school. Each and every business in school life plays a significant role in the overall development of students. Now, co-curricular activities are considered an essential part of school activities as they help in enhancing the learning process of students. Regarded as compulsory activities in school and designed to balance with academic activities, it is essential for the students to participate in them.

The main focus of co-curricular activities in school is to bring social skills, moral values, intellectual skills, personality development, and character-building in students. It also emphasizes a lot in including cultural events, athletics, science laboratory activities, library activities, meditation, creative arts, etc. As co-curricular activities are often merged with academics activities, it ensures active learning in students. In many schools, computer and science laboratory practical along with experiments, assignments, and projects are also considered part of co-curricular activities.

Cultural Values: A school celebrates cultural events without fail. These celebrations are in small or large scale give an insight into different cultures. Cultural events like national events or traditional events help the students to learn about them. As a school has students from diverse backgrounds and culture, the exchange of cultural knowledge through curriculum activities is quite helpful. It not only widens the experience but also increases the respect for other cultures.

Personality Development: As they take part in these curricular activities, they get the chance to sharpen their communication skills, creativity, interaction skills, expression skills, etc. Moreover, a sense of belongingness or responsibility is also developed by participating in these activities.

Physical and Mental Health: There are many co-curricular activities which require the students to stay active. So students who are interested in these activities perform physical activities and other training programs on a regular basis. Performing physical activities make students more active and healthy. Moreover, it also keeps their mental health stable and better. Some examples of such co-curricular activities include yoga, athletics, gymnastics, meditation, indoor games, etc. Participating in activities is also a form of relief from academic stress.

Learning Experience: In many ways, co-curricular activities improve a student’s learning experience. This also results in improving their attendance at school and participation rate in other social events. By participating in co-curricular activities at school, students also get the opportunity to enhance their skills while developing leadership quality.
Most of the time, schools design activities in such a way that students can attend them in groups. This leads to more interaction among the students, giving them an opportunity to develop skills like team integrity and coordination power.

Moral Values: Besides the above-mentioned skills, students also get to improve their moral values through co-curricular activities. They learn some essential ethical values about cultures, events, religions by participating in these activities. They also get an opportunity to learn and understand different religions, social ethics, and values while developing skills like empathy, patience, compatibility, and contentment. The assembly prayer, which is held daily, is also a part of co-curricular activity. This activity teaches students the value of discipline and meditation.
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