It is a proven fact that a student’s development requires experienced not only faculty and extensive learning but also excellent infrastructure. Infrastructure is not only a structure of the school, but it also includes different aspects like the condition and facilities provided in the library, various laboratories, game equipment both indoor and outdoor, assembly area, ventilation of the classrooms, etc. All of these aspects play an essential role in the development of a child. For example, a library with multiple ranges of books like science fictions, comics, magazines, etc. will widen the knowledge of the students and also allow them to choose their real interest. Once they get to know their attention, they will be able to develop in that particular field. This will ultimately lead to a successful career in the future. So a well-maintained infrastructure leads to excellence in both academic and non-academic aspects of the students.

Spacious classrooms: A spacious classroom is essential for the overall well-being of a student. In a spacious class, the student will be able to concentrate well. Being able to focus well in the study, or the teacher will make the students understand the lesson better. Not only this, a spacious classroom will not suffocate the students. If the school is small and lacks ventilation, students will not get enough fresh air. This will lead to dizziness, drowsiness, and other problems, which ultimately affects their learning and concentration capacity. So it is essential to let the students study in a spacious classroom.

Well-equipped laboratories: Science stream is all about practical. Through practical, the students can understand the theory better and use it later in life. If students are only taught the theoretical aspects of science, there will be of no use. So it is essential to maintain a well-equipped laboratory for the students. A laboratory with the latest equipment will give the students more insight into the most recent development and also help them to fare well later in life. Not only for the science stream, but there are also practical in subjects like geography too. Theoretical learning, along with a practical mindset, helps the students to retain specific knowledge for a longer time. So the laboratory should be well equipped for the students to learn better.

Libraries with different sections of books: A school library should not only maintain school textbooks. Besides school textbooks, there should be books from different parts as in comics, magazines, sports, general knowledge, inspirational quote books, storybooks, novels, and even books on fashion and movies. As a student gets more exposed to different kind of books, he or she will be able to understand the world better. This means that he or she is not only confined to the school textbooks. Reading books is not only refreshing but also widens their mindset. Moreover, they also get a chance to know themselves and their interest better. This makes it clear that a school should have libraries well stocked with books.

Auditorium: Schools with well-maintained auditorium have an extra edge over the others. An auditorium is a large hall where school functions and other celebrations can be held in a better way. Celebrating school functions in such buildings with high seat capacity and well-built stage boosts the confidence level in the student also makes them more satisfied. Not only that an auditorium gives the student performers a brief insight into performing in large stage and front of the massive crowd from an early age. This will lessen their stage fright and other issues. Moreover, it is also more comfortable for the students to sit and enjoy the celebration.

Sports ground and other equipment: Playing any sports increases the physical activity rate of a student. Improving the physical activity rate of a student means making him or her more alert, refreshing their mind, and more importantly giving them the best recreational activity. In today’s time, the lack of physical activities in students leads to obesity from an early age. This issue is quite alarming and affects the students in multiple ways. So providing a well-maintained and spacious playground with various sports equipment is an excellent idea for the development of the students.
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