As far as the education aspect of your child is concerned, it is essential to make the right decision. Whether your child is in the elementary or high school level, the type of environment your child studies plays a crucial role in shaping his or her career. Most importantly, this environment is mainly concerned with the location of the school. So, the site of a school plays an essential role in the overall development of your child. Parents always want to send their kids to school with an excellent reputation in academics. So, they often overlook many other areas which also play an essential role in shaping the life of your child. One such area is the location of the school. The site of a school is even more critical for residential school as compared to a day school. This location deals with many factors. Let us discuss some of these factors below:

Safety of the school

  • It is essential to build a school in a safe location. By secure place, it means areas where there is a less or negligible amount of crimes or areas where people are not indulged in any form of intoxicants, etc. These issues are directly concerned with the welfare of the students. As students go to school daily and spend most of their time in school, the environment of the school should exude a learning and peaceful vibe. Areas far away from cities are less noisy and polluted, which is suited for building schools and colleges, but it should also be safe for the students. By being far away from the city and town, there are chances of crimes happening frequently, so it is essential to check this aspect as well. Look whether there are police stations nearby and whether the school authority prioritizes in the safety of the students.
  • Besides this factor, you should also look into the surroundings of the school environment. Choose a school where there is no liquor or cigarette store nearby. As students during their puberty stage feel like experiencing new things and habits, they will think that trying out these intoxicants is cool. So it is better to send them to schools that are strict in this regard. These days, it is banned to open stores with intoxicants near school areas. But it is always better to be more careful. Once your child gets habituated with these things, it will hinder their learning process. So, parents should never overlook this aspect.
  • Imagine, if these exceptional new schools are built in the wrong places, then you will never feel like sending your kids to them. It is a loss for both sides. Often time, the sites for schools are chosen without much consideration for the student’s traveling convenience. You should consider sending your kids to schools that are not far away from home. Choose a school that is in walking distance or which can be reached by cycling and not by van or bus. Letting your kids walk or cycle up to school is a type of exercise for them. In today’s time, lack of physical activities in students leads them to obesity, which in return causes many other health problems. And more importantly, their obesity causes them to be less active and decreases their concentration rate in studies. So, it is imperative to choose a school that is in walking distance.
  • In case you are looking for one of the best schools in Delhi NCR that is built in the safest location, then it is GIS, Ganga International Schools. GIS aims at providing the safest environment to the students for their development and prioritize in their safety and well being more than any other factor. Not too far away from the city, the school appoints a tight security system for the protection of your kids, and the neighboring areas to give a well-disciplined and maintained vibe with good people. The transportation facility of GIS is excellent. Most importantly, GIS is a residential school. So, it is better to keep your child at the hostel of this school. By continuing here, your child is definitely in the safe hands. Students in the hostel are looked after very carefully by the warden, and their habits are monitored minutely, which gives no chance for them to indulge in anything terrible. So, if you want your child to excel in both academics and other aspects of life, then sending him or her to GIS will be a wise idea.

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