Ganga International School, which is among the top residential schools of Delhi NCR excels not only in the academic field but also in shaping the overall career of a child from the root. It promises a dynamic, vibrant, and educational environment for your child throughout the year. Known for imparting quality education and also instilling high values in the life of the students, GIS will not disappoint you in any aspects regarding the welfare of your child. It promises an excellent platform for your child’s overall development. Set up in lush green, pollution-free environment GIS assures an environmental friendly boarding school life as well. It has been described as a second home by the alumni of this boarding school because of the fun, and welcoming environment prevailed here.

Alumni from GIS are often cited giving credit for their success in academic life to the education system prevailed in the school, and praise for their well-grounded social life is given to the guided boarding school life at GIS. The learning process in GIS is highly integrated and focuses on the life of the students in the right perspective. This statement is proved by the environment in which this school functions. Believing in the philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore that is combining the quest for learning with a voyage of discovery, the boarding life in GIS is quite a discovery. This discovery leads to more knowledge and information to the students through experience. It gives them more space for personal development and new skills.

Staying in the boarding school of GIS assures an overall development of your child. With the wide varieties of learning programs and curriculum activities, it will mold your child’s life in the right and fruitful direction. More than that, the students from GIS are well aware of the diversity from an early stage in life. Living outside from home, such students in the boarding schools develop social skills and tend to create a habit of being independent, which is quite essential in the long run. These students also learn about socializing from an early stage, and they tend to develop a better outlook on the world.

Targeting to groom the leaders of the future and not the typical engineering or management graduates, GIS believes in promoting love, peace, and harmony among students in an educational light. Students in this school are not confined to the classrooms all-round the clock but are let free in a healthy environment for their personal growth. Interacting among themselves can also lead to multiple benefits like learning to express themselves, making their points clear and also developing a sense to guide their contemporaries, which is an integral part in the growth of the children. Such options are more available in the boarding school life. Excelling in every aspect, GIS promises to not disappoint in any field regarding the welfare of the students and also assures a vibrant and dynamic campus culture.

Regarded among the top residential schools in Delhi NCR and spread over 20 acres of land, this boarding school provides world-class infrastructure for the students. Founded with the spirit of imparting quality education and keeping a global vision in mind, this school thrives for excellence. GIS not only promotes academic excellence but also encourages students to pursue their dreams in different fields like sports, music, dance, drama, etc. The faculty members of GIS are trained to shape the students in the best way possible. They treat the students like their children and look after them in every step. GIS also boasts of the well-planned infrastructure, vast playgrounds, and state of the art building. Established with the mission to encompass the all-round development of the students, it also ensures a progressive expansion of the innate abilities of the students. GIS focuses on transforming the student’s dreams into reality.

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