by Neha Verma on October 27

Let’s get back to the picture again, observe it carefully. Do you feel that the masculinity of  boys is compromised by cooking? Do you feel that they are not happy at all by doing the very essential life skill activity? Do you feel that choosing this subject will cage their future in the kitchen and home only?  Do you all still relate Home Science to dusting, cleaning and cooking only? Well, dusting, cleaning and cooking is fusion of “Science and Art”

Home Science is way more than just looking for basic options. Visualizing it with monotonous same words is absolutely degrading the vibe of this subject.

Home Science, also called Home Economics, Domestic Science is the science of understanding the relationship linking families, individuals, societies, and the environment around.

A home houses its family in an ecosystem and all the members of the system are meant to evenly coordinate to make it healthy and reproductive.

Today, both women and men share the same family and career goals. This responsibility is quite bigger than it seems. As a part of society, we all should work on making our kids responsible enough to handle all the situations and survive without crying for mamma and wives.

The time has changed for differentiating Sex and Gender in a better way. Many stereotypes are still followed but on the other hand waves are changing to accept gender equality and rejecting stereotypes which makes this subject much demanding.

What is Home Science?

How many times did your parents tell you to take care of sexual health when you are an adolescent? And to eat a healthy breakfast? Do you remember how important it was to say your prayers each time you started an exam? No wonder, they are all topics in home science. Surprised! Umm, Home science will amaze you.

This science teaches you the skills of efficient caring of your home members and its resources. It takes care of your inner and outer self. It talks about spiritual, mental, physical, social and emotional health.

Interestingly, this science draws its content from pure science disciplines as well as economics, sociology, psychology etc. They all are taught in schools. Hence, it’s very important for all Institutes to keep this as a mandatory subject for both boys and girls.

I know it will be challenging if I suggest you train your male child for all the jobs where women hold monopolies for ages. Don’t let your son blame women tomorrow if he fails to make a cup of tea for himself, forget about an entire meal, or how to manage his own resources.

As a parent, it’s your duty to pick up a school with professionals who teach home science to both boys and girls. Let them study it as a compulsory subject.

This subject can offer specializations like Food and nutrition, Resource management, Communication and extension, Fabric and apparel, Human development and so on. These are the extremely edgy career options with excellent interpersonal skills.

By now you must have understood the significance of home science across all genders. The wide arena can open doors for smart future enterprises like event management, dietitian, food technology, fashion designing, teaching, bakery, interior designing, arts and crafts and so on. There are n number of career opportunities in Home science we will discuss in our next blog.

Even if this all didn’t convince you enough to study home science, make sure we teach everything to a male child too, if men can eat, men can cook, if men can wear clothes, men can manage them too and so on.

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