To provide a very conducive environment for learning that is on par with top educational institutions of the world, Ganga Group of Institutions, GIS has made exemplary efforts in establishing this school. GIS ensures not only the best learning environment but also the best infrastructure for better development of its students. The students of GIS are encouraged and enabled to pursue their dreams and interest for a brighter future. They are given an education system which is light and comfortable to them yet fruitful. So it can be said that GIS is the best learning place for your child.

As the name suggests, GIS is a school that follows the international model of the education system and provides boarding facilities to the students coming from different states and countries. GIS is built in a lush green environment with massive constructions that are well laid. The classrooms are well-ventilated, and the hostel facilities are world-class. Most importantly, GIS provides excellent opportunities to the students for their development in different areas like games and sports, dance, music, arts, creativity, etc. thorough routinely conducted co-curricular activities. Now, let us discuss some of the facilities that are provided in GIS that help in nurturing its students for their better future.

Excellent infrastructure GIS is entirely aware of the fact that a school with good infrastructure has the edge over the others. This infrastructure enhances not only their learning process but also provides them a better space for self-realization. Some of the essential elements of infrastructure include classrooms, assembly hall, auditorium, playgrounds, laboratories, libraries, and hostel facilities. As far as the classroom infrastructure is concerned, it is well ventilated and well lighted. There is also enough space for students to sit and learn.
Most importantly, classrooms are spacious and do not suffocate the students, which help in improving their learning capacity and concentration power. The laboratories are also well-equipped, and the library is stocked with varieties of books. Coming to other areas like auditorium and assembly halls, they are spacious and well-built with stages. Last but not least, GIS provides excellent facilities for games and sports to its students. Students will get to play different types of indoor and outdoor sports at GIS, and the playground is in excellent condition.

The latest technology at GIS GIS provides a smart class facility to its students. This interactive digital classroom is considered a conscious effort to offer different types of benefit of modern technology to its students. The aim behind the smart class is to break the monotony of traditional classroom teaching, and it also assists the teachers to teach better. Another main benefit of the intelligent course is that it makes the learning process an enjoyable one for the students.

Laboratory facility The science laboratory at GIS is spacious and safe for the students. It is also well-equipped to support all types of experiments for the students. The laboratory not only provides a hands-on learning facility to the students but also allow them to enjoy learning through sheer experience. There are also individual laboratories for subjects like chemistry, physics, and biology. Besides all this, there is also a fully networked computer laboratory. This lab is filled with hundreds of the latest computers for the students to learn about technology. The most important thing at GIS is that the students of this school are inspired to expand their thinking method and also to develop their skills.
The facilities mentioned above provided at GIS make it the best choice for your child. So hurry up and get your child enrolled at GIS and let them enjoy the best learning experience.

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